Quality 28mm figures for Colonial and WW2 gaming

Primed Figure Specials

We have the following packs available as primed and based figures. These are actually the figures you see in the photos for each product:

  • AUS-103 Bren Teams
  • AUS-104 2” Mortar Team
  • BRT-106 SAS Section
  • BRT-107 SAS Road Watchers
  • BRT-108 Commando Section
  • BRT-109 Commando Section wearing berets
  • BRT-110 2” Mortar Team
  • BRT-111 Commando 2” Mortar Team
  • FFR-104 FFL 2” Mortar Team

There is only 1 each of these available. First come, first served.

Please order the set(s) you want and make a note in the Order Comments. I will keep this list updated as they are sold or if more become available.