Quality 28mm figures for Colonial and WW2 gaming

German Schutztruppe Command

Timothy Abbott
These are simply outstanding, finely detailed and well researched. Except that the rifle barrels are fragile and sometimes break off, I would not hesitate to give these a fifth star. They are very accurate as to the 1896 khaki Shutztruppe uniform. If I could put in a plug for mounted Shutztruppe please (and possibly others for variety in their corduroy waffenrock with swedish cuffs or kord litewka uniforms with field caps), I would be an eager purchaser of these as well. The site Colonial German Uniforms UK is probably well known to Askari miniatures, but it offers unparallelled documentation for the material culture of the Shutztruppe and the uniforms and equipment used in SW Africa. Congratulations on this extremely fine product line!