Quality 28mm figures for Colonial and WW2 gaming


Krupp 75mm Mountain Gun

Jeff B.
This gun is a little gem! Great detail, easy assembly, sturdy, and it looks great. I think I’ll get a couple more so I can field them in different campaigns.

Sgt. Guinness...

Italian Askari Artillery Crew

Aaron C.
These along with the 75mm guns and camel are the pride of my Italian Army. Clean cast bold and crisp feature that are a joy to paint. To attention is also paid to the uniform details as well. You just can't get better....

Italian 75mm Mountain Gun

Aaron C.
These guns are not only accurate in detail but also simple to put together without being overly delicate and fiddly...

Spanish Foreign Legion Command in Isabelino

Devlen D.
Wonderful sculpts. They will be filling out my Nationalist forces.

Jose Millan Astray

Devlen D.
I love this model. I am repurposeing him for service in my Natalionlist SCW army.

Tirailleurs Algerien (Unit Pack)

Pier Paolo T.
i was just revamping my Colonial French Army..and saw again those minis .they are very nice....in fact the uniform, except the colours..should be the same of the Zouave..but if you look closely to those minis , the designer even succeeded in sculpting a typical north african face..different from the "belle époque" typical of the Zouaves...Tirailleurs Algériens are my favourite if compared to Zouaves because they saw more action in Morocco..Askari even produced a bearded Officier Indigène which was a quite rare occurrence in the Armée d'Afriqhe but those few native officers were expert and battle hardened veterans mostly decorated and , in wargame terms (like in TSATF) a very nice addition to your units...