Quality 28mm figures for Colonial and WW2 gaming


Libyan Askari Infantry

Scott M.
The detail on these are great, they've been a great addition for my North Africa Operation Compass campaign....

Gebirgsjaeger Command Team

Jimmy L.
Gorgeous models, extremely well detailed. Barely any cleaning was needed at all. Definitely recommend....

Tuaregs on foot

Kevin F.
Great looking figs! These Tuaregs are versatile to be used in a variety of games against French, Spanish forces or in Pulp games or whatever your imagination can develop making them an excellent value for any collection that will include actions in North Africa. ...

Spanish Foreign Legion Unit Pack in Isabelino

Kevin F.
Great looking figs at a fair price. Really appreciate the selection covering some lesser known conflicts such as the Rif War. ...

Krupp 75mm Mountain Gun

Jeff B.
This gun is a little gem! Great detail, easy assembly, sturdy, and it looks great. I think I’ll get a couple more so I can field them in different campaigns.

Sgt. Guinness...

Italian Askari Artillery Crew

Aaron C.
These along with the 75mm guns and camel are the pride of my Italian Army. Clean cast bold and crisp feature that are a joy to paint. To attention is also paid to the uniform details as well. You just can't get better....