Conquest of Algeria

These figures represent French forces that invaded and conquered Algeria.

France invaded Algeria in 1830, a response by the French to diplomatic disagreement with the Bey of Algiers. Algiers was then a part of the Ottoman Empire and one of the sources of the Barbary pirates. Algiers was quickly captured and France began the conquest and pacification of the territory that became known as Algeria–eventually a department of France.

This was the beginning of the Foreign Legion. The period 1830-47 saw the famous battles of Zaatcha, Coudiat, and Mazagran, as well as the Siege of Constantine. The period was marked by rebellions, ambushes and punitive raids.

It was also the beginning of the Zouaves, Spahis, and Algerian Tirailleurs. Our figures of these types can be used as native Algerians as well as French-recruited units.

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