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We sell our figures almost exclusively online to bring you the best service possible, world-wide. We currently ship to more than 35 countries. The store is mobile-friendy, so it displays well on your tablet or phone.

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Shipping UPDATE

March 22, 2020 Due to the continuing concern over corona virus, shipping internationally may be affected.

The USPS is still delivering to most countries overseas. However, certain postal systems on the receiving end of a package may be experiencing difficulties. Typical are delivery delays and a stand-off procedure for collecting signatures. (I never ask for a delivery signature.)

Before completing an order, please check with your local postal authorities. The USPS lists information they have.

I will hold a package for you if you request it. If I am in doubt I will check with you before I ship. If you have instructions for me, please put them in the Comments section of your order.

There is at this time no impact on domestic US destinations.

New Painting Service!

Askari Miniatures is excited to announce that we have set up an arrangement with a local painter to have your figures painted--the same on who has painted many of our display figures. Check out the link on the right for details!

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