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One of the justly famous “French 75s”, the M1897 75mm field gun. The Foreign Legion used this gun from the 1930s in both wheeled and tired versions.

In the 1930s, the Foreign Legion operated 75mm batteries, the first being the Batterie de Marche d’Artillerie of the 2e REI. The Legion operated three 4-gun batteries that were the fore-runners of the BSPL. For these batteries, use the FR-10D. crew.

The Batterie Saharienne Portee of the Foreign Legion used the guns with tires and carried on Ford trucks. Use either the FR-10D. or the FR-14. crew.

Kit contains barrel. wheels, carriage, brake assembly and optional gun shield. Wooden wheels are standard. To add a pair of pneumatic tires, select “Yes” above.

Instructions for assembling the 75, plus some historical and operational information, are found in the Guide to Askari artillery.

You can build your French 75 in at least three different ways: wheeled, tired or in an anti-tank role (below):

Below, the gun with pneumatic tires in action with a Foreign Legion crew (FR-14).

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  1. Christopher N. (verified owner)

    This is an impressive model of the famous French 75mm gun. The detail on the model is great and unlike other companies models it is a pleasure to assemble. It comes together quite nicely and looks solid.

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