Jingall Gun and Crew


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Jingall gun and crew

Kashgar Jingall crew. This gun, also known as a taifur, was manned by the sarbazes and used on the walls in forts. They were also carried into the field.

The weapon is cast on the left-hand figure and fits on the right-hand figure where the cloth holds the front of the gun steady. Although it looks like it wouldn’t, the figure with the taifur balances without the other figure so that you could mount them on a single stand or not, as you choose.

The uniform could be all black with red trouser stripe, all red (as shown, the “Red Sarbazes,” blue or other colors, depending on which khanate they belong to. Below, a front view of the crew member holding the match.

NOTE: All figures are sold plain (not primed or painted) and without additional basing.

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  1. scott van roekel (verified owner)

    Amazing peice of sculpture … great set up. Great addition to my colonial collection.

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