Ethiopian Militia with spears & swords


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Twelve Ethiopian militia figures in traditional Amharic dress with swords and spears. The figures come with separate right arms holding the weapon. As you can see in the photos, this allows for interesting and action-packed poses not possible in a one-piece casting.

There are enough weapon arms to make two each of the six figures shown. At least six spears and six swords are included along with 4 each of the 3 different figures. Each figure is designed with one sword arm and one spear arm but they are almost completely mix-and-match allowing you to make 12 unique figures. Shown below are 5 variants of one figure I made for Ed’s Army.

Use a good two-part epoxy to fix the arms in place. The joint is hidden by the cloak, making a very solid and invisible join.

These traditional warriors could be used from the British invasion of 1868 through the Madhist wars and all of the Italian colonial wars up to and including the 1935 invasion when a small proportion still used traditional weapons.

NOTE: All figures are sold plain (not primed or painted) and without additional basing.

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