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Herero infantry, in various types of dress and armed with captured German rifles.

Ten figures, 2 of each of the five types shown below.

Please note: The photo of the primed figures above is with the old-style rifle. Figures are now cast with the rifle shown in the color photo.

NOTE: All figures are sold plain (not primed or painted) and without separate bases.

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  1. Timothy Abbott (verified owner)

    These are outstanding figures, a superb addition to a very dynamic and exiting line. They are finely detailed and appropriately dressed and accoutered to represent the Herero people of 1904 as they battled the colonial German forces in SW Africa. The only reason I do not rate them with 5 stars is that the tips of the rifles, as with other figures in this line, sometimes arrive snapped off as they are very fragile. This can be fixed with glue but is the one aspect of these castings that I hope can be improved. I would like to put in a strong plus for mounted Herero (and Nama!) forces, as well as noncombatant Hereros, some of whom (especially women) could be wearing traditional dress. Kudos on an excellent product that fills a vital niche for this period!

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