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The Moroccan Government (the Maksan) recruited tribal levies to supplement it’s regular forces. This set represents those troops, armed with Lebel rifles supplied by the French and led by a regular Moroccan NCO.

Will they support the Sultan? Will they join the rebels? Will they take their rifles and melt away into the night? Only time will tell!

These figures are also perfect for Riffis using using rifles captured from the Spanish or French.

Pack contains 10 figures: 3 each of the three recruits plus one Moroccan NCO.

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  1. Paul Collins (verified owner)

    I found these figures to be exactly what I was looking for to support my 1920’s FFL. I had collected some Dixon and West Wind legionaires, and these match up well in size. They may be a tad shorter, but the difference is not really noticeable, even when the figures are placed directly next to one another. The level of detail is good, but not overwhelming, allowing me to paint up a unit for The Sword And The Flame relatively quickly. I will definitely be ordering more figures in the near future.

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