Spanish Foreign Legion Unit Pack in Isabelino


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Spanish Foreign Legion, the “Betrothed of Death”

The Spanish Foreign Legion was modeled after the French Foreign Legion by Col Millan Astray and Lt Col Francisco Franco in 1920. They went on to achieve fame in the Rif War and the Spanish Civil War. The figures are dressed in the distinctive field uniform designed by Millan Astray and worn during the Rif War.

Twenty figures:

  • One officer, one bugler and one NCO
  • One two-man LMG team
  • 15 privates, 5 of each of the three riflemen shown.

    The figures in this set wear the Isabelino forage caps.

    NOTE: All figures are sold plain (not primed or painted) and without additional basing.

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    1. Kevin F.

      Great looking figs at a fair price. Really appreciate the selection covering some lesser known conflicts such as the Rif War.

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