Australian Boys Anti-tank Rifle team


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Boys Anti-tanks Rifle crew of 2, as shown.

The Boys was adopted into service by the British Army in 1937 as a Platoon level anti-tank weapon. Soon afterwards it was decided that it would be deployed as a section level weapon. However, by the outbreak of war, the Rifle platoons still only had one Boys per Platoon but the Mechanized Platoons had 4 per platoon, mounted in Universal Carriers.

The British forces employed over 58,000 of the Boys during the Second World War.

The Boys was used during the North African desert fighting. It fared very well against the Italian tanks. Only against the Fiat M13/40, with its 30mm frontal armor, did it struggle.

NOTE: All figures are sold plain (not primed or painted) and without additional basing.

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