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A Section of 9 figures as shown

Being special forces, the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) and the Special Air Service (SAS) had more latitude in their dress, which they modified to suit conditions in the deep desert.

The head gear on these figures is a beret. Number of the LRDG were recruited from the Royal Tank Regiment (RTR) battalions in the 8th Army, and they brought their black berets with them. The men are also bearded, being out on patrol for extended periods of time with barely enough water to drink, let alone shave.

There are a number of LRDG and SAS vehicles available in this scale and some will include seated figures. But if your figures ever get out of their jeeps and trucks, Askari Miniatures has you covered!

Below, close-ups of the leader figures, four riflemen and the Bren crew that make up the set. Note that the kneeling figure carries a Thompson sub machine gun with a stick magazine. The special forces were more heavily armed so this set contains 3 sub machine guns instead of the usual one. The standing rifleman also has a pistol holster (not visible in the photo.

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