Italian Assault Engineer Section


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This set makes an Assault Engineer Section consisting of 1 Destruction Group and 1 Support Group.

It is the equivalent of one IT-105 and one IT-107. There are a total of 17 figures plus weapons.

There are 2 each of the 5 figures in the back row, and 1 each of the 7 figures in the front row.

NOTE: The three figures in the left rear have separate hands and weapons. Included in the pack are the appropriate number of rifles meant to be carried in the left hands as well as two types of satchel charges and sections of Bangalore torpedoes. The weapons are somewhat interchangeable but do test fit before you glue them in place.

Gluing is most securely accomplished using pins and fast-drying two-part epoxy. Drill small holes with a pin vise and use 20- or 24-gauge copper wire or similar.

NOTE: All figures are sold plain (not primed or painted) and without the extra bases shown.

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