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Soviet Assault Rifle squad. Although still technically known as riflemen, these troops are mostly armed with PPSh machineguns, ready to throw back the Fascist invaders!

Beginning at Stalingrad, Shock Groups were created in the rifle companies, consisting of a rifle platoon (SOV-1-3) , a squad of automatic riflemen and an anti-tank squad (SOV-7). The groups were generously armed with 4–5 grenades each.

This Shock Group consists of 1 each of the eight figures shown:

Soviet forces at this period were not known for their uniformity of dress, so we have soldiers in slightly different dress and equipment. They were lightly equipped for the assault role and carry a minimum of equipment. Dressed for fall/winter, they wear the telogreika jacket with the ushanka hat. One has an overcoat.

As a side note, holding the drum magazine looks like something you wouldn’t want to do but plenty of photos show that the PPSh was often held that way and so our assault troops do too.

PLEASE NOTE: All figures are sold plain (not primed or painted) and without additional basing.

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