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Gatling/Gorlov gun. RJ Gatling first patented his “Improved Battery Gun” on May 9, 1865 and subsequently in February, 1871 and April 1872.

After the American Civil War, the Russian General Gorlov visited the U.S. and arranged to produce these guns under license in Russia. Known as “Gorlov guns” they were used by the Russians from the 1870s through the Russo-Japanese War.

The gun we’ve modeled is the 1871 (and later) version, distinguished by the swivel mount between the carriage and the gun. The photo below, mistakenly labeled “1865” is of that gun.

Below, model with Russian crews. The Gatling gun was also used by Turkey in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877. (The Turkish Gatlings were produced in Vienna.) We have a Turkish crew as well (TU-6).

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