Krupp 75mm Mountain Gun


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One Krupp 75mm Mountain Gun.

This little gem comes in eight parts: gun barrel, barrel platform, carriage, two wheels, two handles for the rear of the carriage, and an optional spade.

This very versatile gun was manufactured by Krupp for export beginning in 1895, ironically not being bought (initially) by the German government. It was widely used until as late as 1939. Kitchener had them at Omdurman (being purchased by the Egyptian Army); they were also used by the Afghan army, the Spanish Army in the Spanish-American War and others. The German Army “requisitioned” some intended for export for use in the Boxer Rebellion.

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  1. Jeff B. (verified owner)

    This gun is a little gem! Great detail, easy assembly, sturdy, and it looks great. I think I’ll get a couple more so I can field them in different campaigns.

    Sgt. Guinness

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