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Egyptian native police in a variety of poses and dress styles.

Six figures. The pack contains, from left, 1 policeman with club, 1 traffic cop with club, 2 policemen with rifle, 1 Police Officer, and 1 police Sergeant.

Inspiration came from a 1950s picture of mounted Cairo policemen as well as the prison guards in the movie The Mummy. The figures can be painted dark blue (Turkish style) or khaki (British or Italian style). In the movie, the prison guards wear a green jacket and khaki trousers. The fez would normally be maroon red but could also be khaki.

Although I’ve included them in the Egyptian line, they would be good as generic policemen anywhere a fez and military uniform are called for.

For more painting ideas, go to the article on Native Police at the Askari Info site.

NOTE: All figures are sold plain (not primed or painted) and without additional basing.

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