German Afrika Korps Rifle squad


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This is the German standard 9-man infantry squad, consisting of squad leader with SMG, assistant squad leader with grenade, 5 riflemen and one 2-man MG-34 team.

You can order this squad in any one of four ways. Please select the options at the right, as described below:

MG-34 Team: Please choose which MG crew type you want: walking   or lying firing (see GER-103).

Riflemen: The 5 riflemen and the lying firing MG-34 team may be ordered in either helmets or soft caps.

NOTE: The Squad Leader, Assistant Squad Leader and the walking MG-34 team are ALWAYS in soft caps.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Type of headgear

Helmets, no preference, soft caps

Type of LMG team

no preference/random, Prone firing, Walking


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