Soviet Anti-Tank Teams


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Soviet PTRD-41 Anti-tank Rifle Teams

Two PTRD teams, one firing and one walking, as shown.

The Degtyarev PTRD-41 was judged by operators to be an excellent weapon, although it was single shot. As the war progressed and tank armor became thicker, anti-tank rifles became more useful for soft targets.

The PTRD was served by a two-man crew. Extra ammunition was carried in a canvas pouch with shoulder strap that contained 15 rounds. Notice that the soldier carrying the rear of the rifle is wearing such a pouch.

The walking pair is designed so that both are carrying the rifle. At 38 lb. and with its long barrel the PTRD was difficult for a single soldier to carry.

Operationally, the assistant loaded the round in the rifle and tapped the firer to let him know the weapon was ready again. A good crew could deliver eight to 10 aimed shots per minute. Tactically, the two-man antitank rifle teams usually worked together in squads of three weapons teams.

Like the Assault shock troops (SOV-4), they are dressed for fall/winter in the telogreika jacket with the ushanka hat.

PLEASE NOTE: All figures are sold plain (not primed or painted) and without additional basing.

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